Dias . Matos . Santos Silva

Europan 10 . Entroncamento

source: archdaily

The railway complex served as a structuring element for
development of the city,
having been a source of employment and
had, for decades, a strategic importance in terms of accessibility and
trade. Over the years, with economic and social changes, the complex
lost functions, and the revitalization of the area is imperative.

The strategy considers the introduction of new uses and places of interest
catalysts of people and goods, taking as key points: matrix changeable,
creative industries, networks and creative clusters.

The main problems are the lack of points of interest generating
recreational and cultural activities, employment of local and functional
and physical links with the city of junction.

“Peer-to-peer, commonly abbreviated to P2P, is any distributed network
architecture composed of participants that make a portion of their
resources directly available to other network participants, without the
need for central coordination.” The expressive or playful intensity
which the proposed design could create was also valued, and was deemed
to be an important element in the context of an exhibition aimed at a
wide audience.

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