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Campus UIMP . Santander

source: courtesy of iodicearchitetti

The idea was that of a natural extension of the existing downstream, toward the Parque de Las Llamas.
The project is set in the sense orthogonal to the contour lines, to facilitate this requirement, as well as to intercept and take over the park Las Llamas is located downstream.
The project lies on the contour lines without making any kind artificial operation on the ground, then the result is a system that seems to arise from the existence, where one puts the same altitude, until it became independent with a great identity is spatial and functional.

The project is developed with five main branches of different sizes that are developed starting from the common plate of the height difference contours.
The central body is used to admit.
new structure is composed of three branches on the west side used as apartments, numbering 90 to 40 square meters each with its services and common spaces, the central arm that houses the users and the last arm, to the east, this large is used a swimming pool with services and collective spaces. Access to this last is guaranteed both by the new structure is directly from the campus due to a large courtyard linking the two gradients exist. All the arms are functionally linked by a single large ribbon functional quickly and directly connects all parts of the new system and the latter with the existing location: it only has a mere liaison function is of great significance of space stay, place of meeting and leisure privileges at every point the view of the valley below, and then park Las Llamas. Near the swimming pool was provided on two basement parking levels with approximately 200 parking spaces and access from the street Alcalde Vega Lamera directly allocated to roads. In addition, provision was made for accommodation outside the General Assembly with the presence of elements of connection between the various units of the project, they always obtained in the existing contours.

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