Javier F Contreras . Dingting Chen

Europan 10 . The curious incident of the flower towers . Bottrop

origen: gracias a Javier Fernández Contreras


1. New equipments. Bottrop ground floor plan will resemble the one Nolli made for Rome a few centuries ago. And precisely that is the spirit of the whole intervention: a city that can be walked lineally -following the street pattern – or crossed transversally -going through the equipments – .

2. Peterstrasse splits up Downtown Bottrop. To reinvent this street we propose three things: – Fewer traffic lanes: two each way – three where extremely necessary -. – Winding geometry for the traffic lanes. In this way we limit the top speed to 50km/h. – Gouda sidewalks. We will treat the wider sidewalks with gouda cheese geometries -for the benches, gardens -. This way we generate subcenters in this linear structure, places to stay and talk.

3. Thematic squares. In the almond between Hochstrasse and Peterstrasse there were already two squares -Kirchplatz and the one beneath the parking building -. We have created a new one north of the parking, which will house the Children Playground. We want these squares not just to be open spaces with threes, but to be specific, easy to remember. We are thinking of a city whose neighbours can describe this way: “I remember that afternoon in Mountains Square…”

4. Zigzag parkings, zigzag gardens. We have changed the geometry of the parking adjacent to the private gardens, and indeed of the gardens themselves. We avoid this way the frontier -like separation that previously existed between the public and private domain in places like Kirchplatz.


1. Old buildings housing. For Bottrop, we think changing the façades should also represent a change in the way of living. This would mean that something is going on inside the existing urban fabric, and we like this idea. Our proposal is simple: we want the living rooms of some houses to fly over the street, to be winter gardens and extension of the old houses. This strategy has two consequences: – Domestic scale. Winter gardens are used in a different way in summer and winter, and this also has climatic implications. – Urban scale. Existing façades are suddenly dotted with a geometry of glass boxes, changing thus the urban appearance of the whole area.

2. New equipments in the old buildings. The old buildings will be treated like containers, big boxes whose interior can be freely designed. The reference of the Matta -Clark interventions could be useful to understand this freedom. The façades of these containers will be redesigned one by one, keeping fragments of the old ones, and giving these buildings an iconic appearance. Like the thematic squares, this design is subject to a further contest.

3. Flower Towers: a new living and working scenario. The towers reflect the opportunity they come from: how to find a place within a place already built. That is why they are slender at the base; that is why they have petals at the top. They have houses that range from small to extra large, houses that can be used as offices, but above all, unique houses with panoramic views in three façades and an overall iconic silhouette.

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