Atelier Deshaus

Kindergarten . Jiading New Town

source: Atelier Deshaus . architravel . + archdaily

As the kindergarten is located in an open field at the north suburb of Shanghai, this time we choose an unitary and poweful solid standing in the pure situation, different from the strategy to give a couple of detached units we used to.
Different levels of floors make this building dymatic, which also creat the interesting cave space for the outdoor activities where the level changes, arranging the courtyards vertically instead of the traditional horizontal pattern, with the coutyards and childrens’ activities as the part of the façade.
The alternation of different levels also vivifies the interior space. The atrium with the ramp as the main traffic connection provides a spacial experience beyond the daily life, exciting, interesting, novel, creating a brilliant kindgarten full of imagination.
The ambiguity of the space provides the more possibilities to the use of kindgarten.

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