bureau vers plus de bien-être / V+

Lake house . Chatillon

source: courtesy of bureau vers plus de bien-être . photos: Maxim Delvaux

An existing psycho-rigid and introverted house which is just too frustrating too watch in the context of this majestic landscape (Lake of Bourget, with the Mont Blanc in the background, was 'exploded' to become a psycho-liberated and generous.
Extensions may be, therefore, read as a literal deformation of an existing volume to form a sculpture perched on a promontory, proudly stuck between two mountain sides facing the lake with its unexlored depths.

To provide new space and connect the house to its landscape, four interventions were made outside of the existing building. As it is located in middle of the lot, extensions inderectly create characteritsic spaces in what previously was obscure garden residues.

On the west side, a massive horizontal slab suspended on three gracious columns covers a kitchen in continuation with the terrace outside. On the eastern flank, as an extension of the inner universe, a mysterious volume (only with a view to the cliff) accomodates a music room. On the southern side expressive balconies in extention with the main bedrooms reaches for the lake. To finish, the the terrace on the shore side is now excavated to accommodate three big, troglodide shaped bedrooms each one with a view to the lake .

It is a holiday home, there will be nine rooms, nine doors, to be able to leave unnoticed and play.

Project: Construction of four extentions and transformation of an existing house.
Location: Châtillon, Savoie, France
Architecture: V+ (Bihain, Decuypere)
Executing architects: Bihain, Krutejavas
Collaborators: Aidas Krutejavas, Antoine Rocca, Elodie Degrave, Sophie Dars
Engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann Sarl / Klaas De Rycke
Budget: 2.600.000 €
Area: 800 m²
Conception: 2006-2008
Construction: 2009-2010

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