Elementary School . Porto Côvo

source: courtesy of  barbiniarquitectos

The site plan, as well as the volumetric proposal for the Elementary School - 1st Cycle and Kindergarten, from a landscape point of view, helps to contradict the urban mesh physical degradation, wich has taken shape since the 70's, in interaction with the original tissue, born with an order, a scale, a regular geometry, and a clear space/function relationship.

The location of the new school, with its large volume and big courtyard inside, regulating the urban front, and simultaneously connecting the two parallel streets, surrounds the old school's enclousure, reinforcing the sense of scale, especially in its horizontal reading, and the importance of the block,  essential attributes of an area that still appears to be receptive to a single design model, recovering a former matrix.

Location: Porto Côvo

Date: 2010

Architects: Flavio Barbini e Mª João Silva Barbini

Colaborators: Fausto Raposo, André Costa, Fábio Neves, Paulo Lopes

Structures: AFA Consult - Rui Furtado

Landscape: João Cerejeiro

Client: Câmara Municipal de Sines

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