YUEJIN SHOWROOM . Santiago de Chile

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Regional headquarters and showroom for Yuejin Motors situated on the Pan American Highway. The project explores the space found at the intersection of architecture and the image economy of the freeway. The resulting design is a structure, operating as a billboard, that for drivers in both directions momentarily flattens into a single graphic/readable image. Next to its purely graphic accessibility from the freeway the folding logic of the façade parallely creates the space that is inhabited by the staff and clients of Yuejin. The same formal “flip postcard”-logic that makes the project accessible on both a graphic and spatial level is also integrated at other scales throughout the building, including in the way-finding system and for control of visual privacy in certain administrative areas.

project team: Marc Frohn, Mario Rojas Toledo, Natalia Becerra Velásquez, Amy Thoner

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