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A Room for London

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Following the title of the competition ‘A Room for London’, the proposal is to create a space, or series of spaces for contemplation and meditation.
The focus is on the interaction of man and space, and man and city.

Three distinct spaces mediate the transition between urban environment and the intimacy of the hotel room:
1) A ‘Porch’ as an ante-room that acts as a transitory space between the city at large and the hotel room,
2) a ‘Courtyard’ with high walls but open to the sky, an intimate and self reflective space, and
3) a ‘Salon’ as the main living space with a large panoramic window offering views back onto to the city.

Competition for a single hotel room on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London
November 2010
Collaboration with artist Toby Paterson

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