Pedevilla Architekten

Health care centre

source: courtesy of Pedevilla Architekten . photos: Marion Lafogler

Two curved elements organize the 300sq measuring interior room. Bounds are vanishing, interior becomes exterior and exterior becomes interior. Thereby open sequences of spaces are generated, permitting new visual axes. This experience is enforced by the transparency in the upper part of the wall, whereby arises the effect of a continuous room. The winding forms make curious, melt limitations, offer the possibility to back out and reduce fears of contact. They give the feeling of security.
The design of the interior is unobtrusive. Walls and ceilings are creme white, the floor is soft and gentle beige. On the walls a glittery colour gathers the tonality of the room and reflects it in different tints. The seating furniture is in divers bright shades of colours and stimulate the senses.
A therapy space like a living room who invites to play and talk with each other.

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