Cultural Barn . Emmen

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With the burning down of the barn section of the monumental premises on the Marktplein in the centre of Emmen, a historical building has been lost along with the monument status of the former farmstead. However, new opportunities have arisen to restore the central function of the Marktplein.

On the site, three small kernels have remained: the front house and two outbuildings. Our proposal is to construct a large roof with a cross-section that is a development of the cross-section of the old barn, so that the new roof meets the current requirement of the zoning plan to create a low gutter and steep roof. With the typology of the roof, the architecture of the barn retains its modest character in relation to the adjoining church, but possesses a strongly recognizable silhouette on the square due to its steep slope.

The roof will be placed over the existing volumes and spanned between the front house and the two existing outbuildings. The valuable historical front house thus becomes an integrated and sustainable part of the plan. The existing volumes become components of the interior and form layout elements on a ‘covered square’. As the new roof arches over the various older roofs, new relationships and transitions between the existing and the new construction are formed, both inside and out.

design team Allart Vogelzang, Wouter Stoer & Richard Smit
visuals F12 Visuals

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