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Reverse process of mountain digging  

Anne Holtrop

If architecture is a verite genre of space creation, model is a fiction genre. If architecture serves to stabilize, reinforce and build-up the structure of the real, models can be understood as the architecture of the imaginary.
... On the horizon of reality lays a skyline of paper volumes, cardboard coulisses and canvas cathedrals: everything reality does not yet believe in.
Milica Topalovic, Models and Other Spaces, OASE #84 - Models, june 2011

A thing is a hole in a thing it is not.
Carl André

Korea is a country full of mountains, but also full of building activity since the economic boom in the 1980s. There are places where they dig into the mountains and then stop halfway because of various reasons. The situation is half a mountain, half something else. It is the mistakes and the unclear state of it that make these situations interesting. No longer the full mountain with its history is present and there is also no clear direction on the future of the site. In this situation the present is fixed by an irreversible situation to the past and an uncertain future. The model presented here at Gyeonggi Creation Center in Korea is a reversal of this process of mountain digging. The model is constructed of different layers of the inkblot drawings I made during the residency creating a three dimensional map that refers both to a manmade construction with fences, pillars, floor levels, as well as landscape elements of pools, rivers, and hills.

The viewer might see maps of mountains or lakes in these pools and stains of ink. It is this interest I have in these automatically made drawings that they refer to nothing specific. There are just ink on paper. Rapidly made in large series, based on chance. But the mind of the viewer, like my mind, wishes to see things in them, like in a butterfly drawing. Jumping between different visions the mind projects its own ideas on it. Each construction, each gesture is a new reality.

I used the inkblot drawings as shapes, as maps to construct a three dimensional work with it, fully made out of felt. To the flat surfaces I added a fence on scale 1:12. This architectural element changes the position of it only being a sculpture, but an architectural model at the same time. It gives the illusion of being a model for a building structure, a reality outside of this work. Both are in a duality, material and form opposed to idea and vision.

Reverse process of mounting digging
Anne Holtrop

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