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Kindergarten . Ternitz

courtesy of AllesWirdGut Architektur . photos: Hertha Hurnaus

KI(ndergarten) T(ernitz) gives kids the best equipment – a tool KIT, that is fun.
A low-rise building of 30 × 40 meters with a central inner courtyard. A gallery around the courtyard provides access to all rooms and is so oversized that it is not only a corridor but also a communal playing area for all kindergarten groups – right-hand driving also goes for Bobby Cars! The courtyard is an extension of the adjoining movement spaces – a fresh-air space – always open. The group rooms offer the right setting for any mood or whim: light or dark, high or low, steep or flat … Full-width panorama windows open the rooms to the garden. Colors and materials are kept in warm earth tones. We provide the frame that leaves everything open.
The picture is continually re-created by the children themselves. Work in progress.

Projekt / Project
Ort / Location
Auftraggeber / Client
Wettbewerb / Competition
Fertigstellung / Completion
BGF / Gross floor area
Planung / Planning
Kindergarten / Kindergarten
Ternitz (A)
Stadtgemeinde Ternitz
AllesWirdGut Architektur ZT GmbH

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