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Gösta Serlachius Museum . Mäntta


"Beautiful, elegant, and refined, this entry understands Joenniemi as a whole that forms a meeting place where art, architecture, and nature come together. Expressionless glass volumes accentuate the manor’s entrance square splendidly and assume natural positions within the scale of the existing buildings. The sculpture garden located below ground level that forms the heart of the museum is a charming solution. All galleries have a distinctive character, and the exhibition path works well. The small, pavilion-type buildings of Joenniemi and Taavetinsaari activate all of the manor grounds for the museum visitors in an elegant way."
Competition jury

Type: Private Museum
Client: Serlachius Foundation
Size: 4.000 m2
Location: Mäntta, Finland
Team: Marieke Kums, Cristina Ampatzidou, Lubo Dragomirov, Miguel Gonzalez Martinez, and Anna Gralka (model)
3D Visualisations: IDF Global
Status: Competition, purchase prize

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