Jun Murata / JAM

FW observatory . Osaka

Jun Murata / JAM

The site is located at the gentle mountain of the southeast Osaka.

At the foot of Mt. Takao, a calm landscape of grape plantation is spread, and you can overlook the majestic flow of the Yamato River.
And prospects for architectural and rest of the farmers engaged in the barn for the farm jointly grapes to a painting that was required.
For farmers, we were required the architecture which has the function of a storage, a break, and a view.
Existing storage has been aging. It didn’t have a enough storage capacity and a sufficient strength of structure frame. In particular, because of a steep slope at this site, a soil bearing capacity is very weak. And there is some structural wall to resist the landslide during the rainy season.
In consideration of the above, the exterior form and the structural system is decided economically and rationally.
Firstly, we proposed the pile which resists to the ground sliding and drove the wedge shaped base, such as biting on the slopes. The storage for farming equipment and machine is installed here.
The visitor can approach the rest area of upper floor by the sloping corridor. It is contiguous to the observatory space overlooking the countryside spread out below.

Those grape leaves in the height of about 1.7 ~ 2.0m from the ground, even while casting a shadow inside loose, to produce a comfortable and airy space filled with sunshine filtering through foliage.
In addition, on the drainage of rainwater from the upstream reasonably, was simulated to be able to discharge, that member and the roof of the shape and structure of the shell that is composed of polygons.
From the observation space, in August, you can enjoy the scene of the summer festival and fireworks displays are held in the city in the neighborhood. In the autumn, it is used as a space of relaxation for tourists of the grape harvest.
I wish that farmers will be able to spend a comfortable work time with feeling the landscape of the mountains while changing the color depending on the season.

Location : Osaka, Japan
Completion : 2013
Function : rest place, observatory
Site Area: 363 m2
Architectural Area : 93 m2
Design : Jun. - Aug., 2012

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