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Cut. Join. Play . Chicago

Mas Studio

This project was awarded first prize in the 2010 Architecture for Humanity Chicago Street Furniture competition.

01. Start with a flat, lifeless lot and some plywood of similar quality.
02. Select the size of the desired installation, from XS to XL, the possibilities are endless.
03. Cut plywood into simple geometric shapes according to the patterns provided.
04. Join the pieces together with a metal angle after matching up the edges with equal dimensions. As the volumes aggregate, a landscape begins to form.
05. Fill the volumes with grass, herbs, flowers, recycling containers, light – life!
06. When summer fades, don’t be disappointed. We’ll take the plants to a deserving home or community garden. We’ll make sure your recyclables move on to serve new purposes. And we’ll clean up and package up the boards to bring it all back to life next summer.

Authors: Iker Gil, Andrew Obendorf, Julie Michiels, Andrew Clark

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