The city of Dubrovnik is an attractive tourist destination, which asks for a smart solution for its traffic problems and for more program and space, which meets the inhabitants' everyday needs.

The main challenge is to add more program to the area by following these needs without loosing the character of the city and (therefore) is qualify. The character of the site in comparison to the old city centre is a low dense environment. It is very important to maintain this. It should be a place where one can "breathe" after leaving the extremely dense city centre. If the entire program described in the competition brief would be placed on this site, a huge volume would be created, forming a dense development right in front of the city wall.
Therefore the proposed design suggests to subdivide the program in 2 traffic hubs.
First, a traffic hub for tourists, which will be placed on a vacant site above the city along the E 80 and secondly a local traffic hub on the given site nearby the city wall. Both hubs will be multi-purpose constructions, which will be embedded in the characteristic landscape/ topography. Each hub contains 550 parking places. This solution allows it that the local traffic hub has less volume enabling to design a big square hosting public events with a splendid view on the UNESCO cultural heritage fortifications. Tourists arriving with buses or cars will park at the tourist traffic hub. A new cable car connection makes it possible to get to the city centre quickly while enjoying a breath-taking view. This strategy utilizes the existing infrastructure (cable-car as starting point) offering a unique entrance to the old fortified city, the main attraction for most of the tourists.
Therefore the main traffic caused by tourists will stay outside of the dense city centre. The result is a less polluted and crowded city centre. Additionally to the 550 parking places the traffic hub will contain a camping site and a cafe. The local traffic hub will be a flexible column structure, which offers space for shops, kindergarden, galleries, grocery stores, cafes and (for) parking. The flexible parking garage on the ground floor provides space for temporary events such as markets or expositions. On the rooftop there will bo dwellings. The green lung in front of the city wall functions as pedestrian area linking (between) the three entrances to the old city centre. Moreover oder Additionally it offers a zone for recreation, both for tourists and inhabitants of Dubrovnik. The motor traffic will be separated from the pedestrian traffic.

Autori: Sascha Glasl, dipl. ing. arh., Njemačka, Tjeerd Haccou, dipl. ing. arh., Nizozemska
Marhijn Pool, dipl. ing. arh., Nizozemska
Eva Sollgruber, dipl. ing. arh., Austrija
Marina Vendrell Carbonell, dipl. ing. arh., Španjolska

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