Tato architects

House . Yamasaki

Tato Architects . photos: © Ken’ichi Suzuki . + JA+U

The house is divided into two distinct parts: the cement-board-clad ground floor is partially sunken into the ground, while the top part of the building comprises a steel hut and two greenhouse-like structures that seem almost weightless.

The greenhouses, designed as an extension of the existing living space below, are covered by a double layer of translucent polycarbonate and fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape dominated by farms.
The lower floor accommodates the kitchen and dining areas, along with bedrooms. Topped by three transparent huts, the rooms are infused with a soft light that, along with natural materials used in the interior, creates an intimate and serene atmosphere. The openings are positioned to augment the circulation of air during summer and create a light breeze that cools down the entire house.

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