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FORMWORK Artist studio . Dublin

Architecture Republic . photos: © Paul Tierney photography

The client, an artist, needed a studio at the end of his garden.

The building is set back from the lane to form a garden; a threshold and buffer zone between the private working and the public passing. The studio mediates between two new outdoor rooms - a patio and a garden.
The studio consists of a 5x5m (internally) singular room adhering to planning exemption and economic restriction. The two gable walls re-establish the width of the plot. The finish floor level is sunken 750mm below ground level, registering the working datum of the desks on which the client lays large canvas. The work in progress, formerly assessed by standing up on a chair and /or a laying down the work on the floor can now be viewed standing on the “ground level”. The ceiling of modest height at entrance level (2.4m), increases gradually when descending to the centre of the room (to 3.15m).
Board-marked concrete was poured to walls, floor and roof to form a textured cube. The materiality of the room is underscored by two huge strip roof lights oriented north-south and mark the passage of the light throughout the day on walls. A folding polished concrete ribbon runs around the room, up and down, making sometimes stairs, sometimes desks, sometimes a day bed before coming back into position. Externally, the concrete is sand blasted finish; a softer, smoother finish contrasting with the internal textural opulence.
The space is introverted, quite, peaceful. Visual connection to the external surrounding is limited and occurs only when seated. When in working position, the long low strip windows pour light and surrounding landscape inside while, above, offering a continuous wall space for hanging large artwork and exhibiting.

Type: Artist studio
Location: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Clients: Private
Area: 25 m² (250 sqf)
Status: Completed 2011
Architect: Architecture Republic
Key Personnel: Maxim Laroussi, Mark Carter, John Casey and John Graham
Consultants: Consulting structural and civil engineers: Casey ‘O Rourke Associates

Photography: Paul Tierney photography

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