Derveaux . Reschke . Leal . Vogels . Springer

Europan 11 . Nynäshamn

Project team: Jan Derveaux . Franz Reschke . Rita Leal . Anna Vogels . Frederik Springer . Europan

Nynäshamn and its surrounding coastal landscape are part of the Stockholm skärgård.

A landscape that was formed in the last ice age by different landscape forming processes like carving, shifting, lifting and eroding — with its 25 000 islands its diverse in itself as the uses placed upon it.
The "quite" potentials of the site located in Nynäshamn are the lack of an existing spatial programme as well as its vastness in context to the sites urban surroundings. These potentials form the foundation of our design, which enables a hybridization of regional landscape and the local open space's structure. The principles of the skärgárd's landscape forming processes and its uses are transferred onto the site in Nynäshamn. Genesis of form and structure precede the programming of the land (Form to Programme, Rhowbotham, 1995).
"Distortions" and "scars" in the surface form a subtle, but robust park framework. The framework distinguishes spatial and atmospheric spaces in variegated intensities and it generates and stimulates numerous ecological retreats as well as versatile spaces for sports and leisure. At the same time the site remains flexible for the unexpected: new ideas for uses and interplays are dynamic components of the park's development. A central meadow also serves as a retention area for seasonal flooding. By qualifying the existing scenic qualities to become public space, Skärscape becomes a linking joint between urban and natural landscape.

Client: Municipality of Nynäshamn
Project team: Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Architecture Anna Vogels, Cand. B.Sc. Landscape Architecture Frederik Springer
Europan 11 European Urbanity - Uses - Nynäshamn/Sweden
2011 / Open competition / 1st prize / Park, Public space / 6ha

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