One is constantly moving in Jakarta through traffic, inevitably perceiving the city under momentum.

The site for SSI Towers - HR Rasuna Said, one of the busiest roads in Jakarta's Golden Triangle - offers an ideal location for a building that will come alive in perception through movement.
Adjacent to, and integrated with the existing Gran Meliá Hotel, the two SSI towers perform a delicate acrobatic move on a complex site, manoeuvring between all the project requirements and expectations and responding to hotel at the same time.

The bases of Tower A and Tower B - starting at different levels - are connected by a stepped diagonal "bridge." Tower A sits on the lower part of the bridge, and with a diagonal lift, the bridge opens up a covered public plaza. Tower B sits on the elevated end, which in turn sits on a 1,500 capacity column-free function hall.
The plan emphasises public outdoor space: a roof terrace on top of the function hall, a covered public plaza under the retail bridge and a pedestrian-only promenade that offers a public path through the site.
Together, the two towers create an image of fraternity, in which they look related, almost alike, while performing a choreographed balancing act.

Partners-in-charge: David Gianotten, Rem Koolhaas (review)
Project Architect: Betty Ng (competition), Roberto Requejo
Competition team: Vanessa Chik, Erick Kristanto, Anthony Lam with Kevin Mak

Structure: AKT II: Daniel Bosia, Adiam Sertzu, Albert Taylor
Façade: VSA: Naree Kim, Robert-Jan Van Santen, Gilles Vanderstocken, Gordon Yuen
Traffic: MIC: Francesca Arcuri, Francesco Maria Cerroni, Jelena Crnogorcic, Pablo Forti, Federico Parolotto
Sustainability: YR&G: Arpan Bakshi, Yetsuh Frank
MEP: Hilson Moran: Nigel S Clark, Alan F Cronin, Phil King, James Lane, Tony R Morris
Model: RJ Models
Images: OMA

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