Dora García

La Puerta Verde (The Green Door) . 2013

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The title of this exhibition series refers to a strangely shaped and often overlooked corner at the entrance zone of the gallery, an irregular indentation of a wall that is measuring only 60 x 60 cm in surface and that has been so far occupied by a glass stand for umbrellas.
Dora’s reaction to The Umbrella Corner is a new piece, The Green Door, literally a green wooden door closing the “corner” and at a same time a reference to a variety of sources taken from popular culture and fictional stories... very specially H. G. Wells’s The Door in the Wall (1911), a short story about politician Wallace who, while growing up in a joyless home, discovers a door in a wall leading to an enchanted garden. The book suggests both the magic and the danger of a nostalgia for a buried time. Dora García’s Green Door will, however, remain locked…

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