Atelier Loidl

Archäologisches Besucherzentrum Petriplatz . Berlin

Atelier Loidl

The open space at the former Petriplatz combines two decisive aspects, which enhance this location to a magnet for visitors by an effectful interplay of the new Archeologic Visitor Center and the Bet- und Lehrhaus.

On the one hand the historical meaning of Petriplatz is understood as potential and featured by the integration and staging of the ancients finds. On the other hand a new quality of residence at a location of urban living is created. The design as well as the functional cojunction of outdoor space and the visitor center strengthens and unifies the Petriplatz by presenting the ancient finds appropriately. A unique and identity-establishing location originates in Berlin's center.

Competition 2012, 3rd Prize
In cooperation with Max Dudler

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