Jan Kotik

Die Fläche versucht nach Luft zu schnappen

+ Jiri Svestka Berlin

Jan Kotik is an important figure of the 20th century Czech art and belongs to the few artists, whose work has a distinct place in the international context.With his artistic roots lying in surrealism, cubism and futurism, Kotik increasingly aimed to break with the traditional understanding of painting, shifting it towards the third dimension...Kotiks desire to set painting free from its framed existence is based upon the conception of a self-unfolding painting, which is released from its descriptive function by finding an independent shape. His works from the 1970s emanated from this intention: artworks of varied form and material, enormous collages made from wood, fabric, paper, canvas, ropes and laces. They are neither sculptures nor paintings, but objects, which are somewhere in-between the traditional genres and bear witness of Kotiks diversified artistic exploration.
Jiri Svestka Berlin

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