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SAV-536 la Fageda . Santa Pau

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536 bottles generated a new space in the Service of Attention to the Visitor of the Cooperative la Fageda.

From the Cooperative la Fageda we considered the need to generate a new space for tastes and organise the reception-bar for the visitors. All with the minimum budget and a very short time.
For this reason we decided take advantage from all the existent furniture and the only intervention built was an element to divided the space, taking the empty bottles used to pack the liquid yoghourt. The fact to take advantage of an own element, and play with the transparency , generated a semitransparent lattice that resolves all the problem with an extreme simplicity.
The element divides the space, without cutting it entirely allow the apparition of a new place for tastes, plays with the light. At the same time leaves to glimpse, deforms the silhouettes and generates game and curiosity. Since the division, the room breathes and leaves the inner volume integrate in his group.
The 536 bottles are place between steel galvanised trays with the shape of double u. The bottles are placed touching one of the other, avoiding this, his movement.

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