Martina Bacigalupo

Gulu Real Art Studio

+ Martina Bacigalupo . The Walther Collection Project Space

In January 2011, while waiting for her own photographs to be printed at the Gulu Real Art Studio, Bacigalupo encountered an unusual object: an otherwise normal portrait, but with a void where the sitter’s face should be. When she asked Obal Denis, Gulu’s studio photographer, about the cut-out face, he explained that his standard ID photo equipment could only make four prints at a time. If clients wanted just one ID photo, it was easier to take a single large portrait and cut the picture down to show only the face. The rest of the print would be discarded, just as Bacigalupo found it. Having become fascinated by these leftover photographic artifacts, Bacigalupo began to collect the faceless prints.
The Walther Collection Project Space

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