Trylletromler Temporary Pavilion . Copenhagen

FABRIC . photos: © Walter Herfst . + archinect

‘Trylletromler’ is the Danish word for the zoetrope, a 19th century device that activates an impression of movement within a still image.

The Renaissance garden design of royal Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen forms the context for the question to design a pavilion, which is accessible to all public, appears innovative in its spatial expression and is challenging by its idiom. FABRIC therefore introduced a new spatial concept by stretching the understanding of the ‘pavilion’ towards the most elementary architectural element in garden design: the fence.
This strategy addresses three independent paradoxes by provoking the notions inside and outside, by introducing a maze that is paradoxically transparent and by creating an illusion of motion.
First of all, the fence as a freestanding structure is designed to restrict movement across a boundary. Secondly, openings in the fence create routes through the pavilion. Thirdly, the fence gives new meaning by its potential to create the illusion of motion via the so called moira patterns while moving along the fence.
The fence is made out of three thousand standard pieces of Nordic timber, which are joined using an irregular pattern of wedges. Based on these three principles an intriguing floor plan was designed using a composition of ten perfect circles. The plan design reacts to given circumstances such as the exit of the rose garden, the statue by the water, sight lines towards the castle, existing tree lines and the position of solitary trees.

design directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn; project team: Greta Mozzachiodi, Guillermo
Lavernia, Charlotte Simpson and Ida Fløche Moller
team Architektforeningen: Ali Arvanaghi, Dorte Sibast

construction team:MOELVEN Denmark A/S, Copenhagen Technical College
financial support
The Dreyer Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, National
Arts Foundation, MOELVEN Denmark A/S, Copenhagen Technical College, The
Danish Architects' Association

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