Ledu . Boidot & Robin . Holdrinet

L'Amateur . EUROPAN 12 . Fosses

Winning projet . L'Amateur . design team: Arnaud Ledu . Julien Boidot & Emilien Robin . Mathieu Holdrinet

The Amateur … makes what is unpredictable possible.

A passionate interest is driving the Amateur. He is looking forward to share his culture and knowledge to create high quality architecture in contrast to an ever-growing consumption system that eliminates originality. The suggested economical model uses cooperative legal status ready to set up. Its goal is the co-production between builders and beneficiaries of the adapted local heritage. Emphasis on drawing as a dialogue tool leads to a comprehensive architecture. This universal approach is versatile for diverse territorial contexts. This non-interventionist process is thus based on a political sharing of skills and power between the specialist and the citizen.

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