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The Baltic Sea Art Park will be established in two parts. A ground based area acting as a park defined by a corridor and an above-water itinerant museum composed of ten national floating pavilions.

Kunst Dokk uses the Baltic sea as it's main space for itinerant and temporary forms of art exhibition and performance.
Ten art barges will depart from Pärnu, making multiple stops at harbors in a choreography across the Baltic Sea. Designed to contain kinetic light sculptures or large scale pieces, the barges will operate in convoy formation following passenger ferries. Each stop will feature temporary spectacles and collaborations with various artists, musicians, chefs, and other creatives.
Organized from Pärnu, the itinerant pavillions will connect leading cultural institutions and underground creators from the worlds of art, music, food, literature, and film for a series of site specific cultural interventions. In addition to bringing art to the cities, the organizers will raise funding through ticket sales and donations to support ‘non-traditional programming’ at various museums and galleries across the Baltic Sea.
These excavated concave surfaces will be capable to contain large scale art pieces or performances that require engagement with the audience in a theater like condition. The dry docks will also host the barges from different Baltic states when they contain exhibitions that require total engagement with the visitors of the park. These platforms also offer the possibility to repair, mount and produce specific pieces that then can be shipped from and to Pärnu.
A narrow and very long transparent corridor from which to experience large scale pieces but also with the capacity to contain small or more intimate shows of different formats. The corridor is a powerful device as it occupies a small footprint yet it provides the park with an all-weather linear spatial system to plug-in the barges in the harbor or/and temporary ground pavilions in the courtyard.

Baltic Art Park competition
Design: LCLA office
Project leaders Luis Callejas / LCLA Boston, Melissa Naranjo / LCLA Medellín
Collaborators: Lukas Pauer, Judith Rodriguez and Takuya Iwamura
Client: Union of Estonian Architects and Pärnu City Government

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