Studio Granda

H71a . Reykjavík

Studio Granda . photos: © Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson . + archdaily

H71a was a shop adjacent to the timber house at Hverfisgata 71. In 2001 Studio Granda converted the house into a studio, office and archive for photographer Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson. The shop, that had an unsound structure, was left vacant.

H71a is a rebuild of the shop volume with an internal concrete structure. The existing surfaces and finishes were used wherever possible. To accommodate a full height garage/loading bay for the publishing side of the business the lower floor was dug down to the level of the basement of the timber house. On the upper floor is a gallery at the same level as the house. The entrance is at a half-landing on the stair between the two levels. The roof is an urban terrace accessed from the attic of the house. The corrugated steel cladding and timber details mimic those of the house and the former shop.

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