Nikita Kadan

Babooshka (Ensuring mausoleum) . 2013

+ Campagne Première

This work is dedicated to the Soviet epoch people, the creators of the most powerful non-capitalistic modernization of the past century, the last mediums of historical consciousness. Senior citizens, dependants, odd people who are barely tolerated on the celebration of parting with the history. Intimidated and dependent, they cast a vote in exchange for food packages and electoral allowances for retiring pension. Those who stockpile for a "rainy day" and who mind the "firm hand" of the authorities. They are despised by youth for selling future for dry crumbs, future which in fact thee do not entirely own. Those who are always nearby, applying for a part of present.
This work is also about the famine and violence in the base of socialist modernization and about the minimum provision behind its facade. Currently, the image of this modernization is strangely being transformed into utopia of social protection and ascetic life (which is environmentally conscious, non-consumer). This utopia is possible to discern in these older people. They appear to become its burial, a living mausoleum.
The structure refers to the Soviet architecture of the 60-70s, expresses the spirit of socialist modernization and has impoverished and vulnerable carnal underside.
Campagne Première

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