Merlin James

Location (Corp. Build.) . 2014

+ Sikkema Jenkins & Co

While known for his stress on the history and continuity of painting as a discipline, James has acknowledged in both his art practice and writing the necessity for development and continual reinvention of art forms. However, in contrast to proclaimed avant-garde ‘breakthroughs' such as pure abstraction, the monochrome, painting-as-object, and painting-as-idea, James offers open, ruminative explorations around comparatively modest shifts within the traditional forms and functions of easel pictures. These include unique and idiosyncratic mixes of abstraction and representation; unusual degrees of sexual explicitness; variations on one divergence from the rectangular format (concave sides); incorporation of small objects into painting; and experiments with the singular proposition of a transparent support.
Sikkema Jenkins & Co

Moon . 2014

Untitled . 2010-15

Bridge & Building . 2012

Sunset . 2014

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