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House BVA . Turnhout

source: courtesy of dMVA architecten . photos: Frederik Vercruysse

Concept: brick as knitting-work

A sore spot in the streetscape is mended by a simple, shallow building-volume consisting of two layers with saddle roof. The pretty closed façade, built in brick, is a response on request of the owners for privacy on street side. The appliance of brick as knitting-work in front of the windows (as if the bricks have been pulled apart), protects against strong sunlight as well as to undesirable views from outside. The building literally turns away from the street.
The closed façade on street side forms a contrast to a transparent façade on garden side. Both wall and roof are fully glazed. Green u-formed profile-glass as well as float glass are pulling light into the house and define the atmosphere inside.
The internal organization is characterized by the principle of open/closed. Service spaces are situated street side, living- and bedrooms on the garden side. Characteristic to the floor plan is the aisle connecting front and back and referring to the typical Flemish alley.

Design : dmvA
Principal : Mr. and mrs. Borghs – Van Ammel
Team : David Driesen, Tom Verschueren, Sacha Bratkowsky, Lindsay Rinckhout
Location : Turnhout
General contractor : dwBO (carcase works) – Vorsselmans (aluminium) – Martens (glass)
Constructional engineer : ASB
Built area : 324 m2
Completion : 2007
Photography : Frederik Vercruysse

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