Pedrocchi Meier Architects

021 Residence . Ordos

source: ordos . Pedrocchi Meier  Architects

At the heart of the building as well as at the centre of the draft is the life of the householder. A large room in the upper floor unifies all functions which contemporary living in a stately style needs. Regular and effective volumes, arranged offset to each other, form staggered floor joists and zone in the air space above the large living room into smaller units.

The main living room is oriented on the east-west axis and with generous glassing with a height of two floors creates a direct connection to the outside and a large amount of lighting and extroversion. The facade openings in the north-south direction are one floor. Located there are also the entrances to the supplementary rooms, like sauna and gym or the small dining room next to the small living room, these are in the corner areas and close the volumes of the upper floor.

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