Steven Holl Architects

T gallery space . New York

source: archdaily . Steven Holl Architects . photos: Susan Wides

On a four acre site in Dutchess County, New York, a new wooden "T" space sits near a stone "U" house from 1952, which has a steel "L" addition from 2001.
The new gallery floats over the natural landscape. It has nine steel columns and nine elevations, all integrated via proportions of 1:1.618.
A rain skin of natural 2x2 cedar is suspended on stainless steel screws. There is no plumbing, or sheetrock. The interiors are painted plywood and the floor is sanded marine plywood with all the stains of the 4 month construction process exposed.
Wooden windows, doors and skylights were specifically built for this space. The gallery is reached from the east by a gently sloping wooden ramp, and exited on a wooden ramp through the south elevation which is a large pivoting wall.
Light comes from skylights, cut to achieve 25 foot candles of natural light on the walls, eliminate the need for electricity. 

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