Frank Gehry

Guggenheim museum . Abu Dhabi

source: model: courtesy of Hoss Gifford . plans: mi moleskine arquitectónico . render: guggenheim

This project addresses the problem of co-existence between different city forms; specifically small-scaled, fine-grained building fabric and towers.

In many cities in the Middle East, with little or no provision for heritage protection, the potential for co-existence between the traditional city core and new development does not exist. A tabula-rasa approach to the context is typical. In order to actualize the real estate potential of centrally located sites, they are stripped bare and prepared for generic forms of high-density development.

In the place of the traditional urban core, a generic application of towers on podiums replaces the fine grain fabric that once existed. On the other hand, in the mere retention of these traditional sites and their conversion to photo props made for the consumption of tourists we face another problem; the reproduction of history as a commodity.

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