source: nOffice

The scheme in front of you presents nOffice’s strategy for a differentiated Kunsthalle, which provides a set of distinct spatial experiences. Our design follows a trouble-free and intruiging ambition: to make space for art rather than simply providing it,
and to create a new (temporary) icon for Berlin.
Rather than a large, undefined or generic space, we are offering a modular system, which functions like an adaptable promenade around a central forum, and which is housed within a striking gesture -
Palladian space organisation + Neue Nationalgalerie = HUMBOLDTHALLE.

Our proposal is defined by a series of different conditions (space, scale, lighting, urban atmosphere), which expose various potentials for programming, social interaction, spatial procession, roof access, and other forms of spatial frameworks that allow for a plethora of curatorial strategies. In our design, space becomes an enabler. It generates a series of distinct perspectives both in terms of engaging with the city, but also in regards to how one is able to look back at the Humboldthalle and the exhibition - from the floating forum, the roof, and the surrounding landscape. Moreover, on a social level, our design acts as a stage set allowing for many types of interaction, shifting from subject to object, from art venue to urban meeting point, a place to see and to be seen.
On a more pragmatic note, it offers surplus-functions such as bookshop, cafe, accessible roof (viewing platform and venue), forum, floating forum, and office. The spatial concept allows for a versatile programme of various scale exhibitions as well as activities and interdisciplinary events, including indoor and outdoor film screenings, workshops, talks and performances, concerts and parties. Within it, the shop and the café can operate independently if needed - the same goes for the forum.

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