Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau

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Working on the conception of this project we established, at the very beginning, to focus on designing and directing a certain dramaturgy of the visitors' route rather than on coping with the physical matter of the task. Creating a clearly defined, space-time pattern of moving about the premises of the Museum became our priority. Hence, the application of techniques/ mechanisms which allow for introducing a visitor into the state of solemnity, a deeper reflection, constitutes a key element of the present design. The surrounding of the Museum, a significant number of visitors at the same time, a lot of them in organized, large groups of people of different age, and eventually a relaxed atmosphere of a summer outing on some, warm sunny days, are largely discordant with the atmosphere of seriousness expected to permeate the site, even prior to entering the Museum.
Accordingly, the aim of this design is not only organizing an efficient visitor service of the Museum allowing for a streamlined movement of large numbers of visitors, while observing all the defined standards. The design will try to entail the way of thinking, and a change- more or less momentary – that is to be experienced individually by everybody who visits this unique place.

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