weekend-city wallpaper house . Budapest

source: sporaarchitects . wallpaper

What is the future of infills in the cities? Density and the number of flats can hardly be raised the traditional way anymore. Consistent urban environment and city life are changing entirely. Quiet downtowns with decreased traffic may perfectly support a better quality of life. Local solutions, urban agriculture, usage of renewable energy, revaluation of public spaces may all be part of a new kind of urbanity, asking for new responses from architecture as well.
Due to the historically justified, dense urban structure deriving from property speculation, infills in Budapest usually offer poor quality of living environment with dark and narrow internal courtyards faced by small, badly arranged apartments. To counterbalance this bad quality of city life, summer houses offer the only reasonable aternative. What if we merged the two concepts in one place? Downtown density would meet weekend gardens, satisfying urban people’s desire for nature.
Our infill contradicts to downtown density demanded by property prices, targeting a new lifestyle: the project combines the benefits of metropolitan and rural life. Vertical village with criss-crossing terraces and gardens connected to each flat. The apartments are overrun by plants, everyone would have a small, own garden, where fruit and vegetables might also be grown.
This concept may generate a stronger community life of the residents: the community garden below and the transparent terraces above enhance the communication between inhabitants and strenghten communtity at home.

project: weekend-city
address: Budapest, Nagymező u., Hungary
year designed: 2010
status: design concept
volume:1000 m2
design:Tibor Dékány, Sándor Finta, Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász

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