Hertl Architekten

Stadtvilla . Klosterneuburg

courtesy of Hertl Architekten . photos: Kurt Hörbst

The empty lot, used as vineyard, was breaking the compact architecture of a street, within the building density of the historic centre of Klosterneuburg.

The apartment house follows the logic of the historic structure by building a villa with atria, to conjoin density with backyard atmosphere. Four courtyards of varied atmosphere and proportion foraminate the roof slab of the single floor building.
The façade is geared to the neighboring architecture according to height and material.
Even though there is only one window referencing the street. Below one of the courtyards – the herb garden – the garage and the rubbish-room are situated on street-level marked by gateway and door.
The entrance is emblematized by a slot in the wall facing the street. The entrance-patio is reached by crossing the slot.
A staircase is leading through the front door, still 132cm underneath ground floor, to the foyer, where wardrobe, garage exit and lavatory are located. Following a bend to the right, facing the light and scaling the final steps there is an expansion from the high-ceilinged foyer to the central hall. The hall offers overlook from the central patio, the covered loggia, along the swimming-pool to the backyard.
The fourth courtyard is greened. One side of the central courtyard is lined by living room, kitchen, library and office. Face to face private functions such as bedroom, bathroom and guestroom are situated. Most of the rooms adjoin to multiple atria.
The consequences are exciting perspectives and moods of light. There is a flow of space among the inner courtyards, and between ashlars of light and air.

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