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Village House . Copenhagen

Powerhouse Company

The village house is a weekend house for a young family living in Copenhagen.
While most of the summerhouses are tending to be bigger and bigger and resemble more single family houses rather than summercabins, the Village house seeks to distribute its 110m2 in series of smaller volumes retrieving the scale the classical cabin.
Its plan spreads on the site like a hand in the grass, creates a wide diversity of views, sun exposures and terraces which can be enjoyed all day long. Each window, each roof opening is precisely placed to provide the different rooms of the house with direct sunlight at chosen hours of the day and during each season.
The distributed finger plan allows to creates both intimacy and in the finger tips and convivial family life in the center.

Time span: 2010 - 2011
Status: Under construction
Location: Vejby, Denmark
Partner in charge: Charles Bessard
Team: Lotte Adolph Bessard, Ted Schauman, Kristina Tegner
Client: C. & R. Christiansen
Type: Private weekend house

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