Joao Martins

Viena House of Music

gracias a archmedium . design team: Joao Martins

The project is located in Stadtpark, the oldest park of the city, situated in ringstrafte, the old city walls.
The Vienna House Of Music implantation is made in the north end of the park, bounded by two avenues and the canal, and opens into the park in a "L" form.

The building redesign the north limit of the park by Weiskirchnestrafte where is located the main entrance of VHOM and for the east side the building is parallel to the canal with a cantilever structure that allows to walk under it using the existent path. The program of VHOM is divided in two areas, a public area and another with more private character, the school. By the Weiskirchnestrafte avenue we enter in the reception space characterized by a big luminosity and by view above the park, and this is the point that makes the connection between all the spaces of this floor. In the right side there is a connection to the shops and to the restaurant, which opens to the park, and in the left side we have the foyer, that can also work as a exposition hall, and auditorium where the entrance is on the highest point of the audience. The stage has possibility retreating increasing its di­mension, this way have the possibility to be illuminated with natural light.
From the foyer there are the ramps that allows the access to the others floors. On the inferior floor are localized the study class­rooms oriented to the interior of the park, but on a sunken patio, with the function of denying access to the classrooms through the park, and it is also used has a outside performance space. It is also on this floor that is present the exposition space, with the same alignment has the auditorium stage, working has its extension, and if necessary, creating a new background, the canal. On the first floor continuing the school program, are the classrooms test. The communication between small and large classroms test is done by a longitudinal aisle, with the same alignment as the inferior floor, of the study classrooms.
The classrooms test, in opposition to the study classrooms are oriented to opposite side creating a visual relation with the canal and the city.

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