After the excess of formal exercises in architecture, a simple box with a mechanical twist offers the most iconic formal solution and the most versatile spatial proposition - putting art and performances back to where they belong - into the center of attention!   The Gallery Space Connected to the river bank by a simple jetty, the 14m square and 4m high box acts like an inverted medieval draw bridge: its top flips-up via a 4m hydraulic arm. When it’s open, it goes higher than the 4m restricted height, generating a spacious and dramatic event hall. The straightforward but sublime act of opening like a clam-shell reveals a white washed interior. In good weather, this opening remains free, allowing an exchange of sights and sounds between the city and the pavilion. In case of bad weather, transparent vinyl curtains protect against rain and wind. The pavilion’s open plan and integral floor grid allows for the versatile arrangement of gallery walls: its adaptability is also ideal for performances.   The Performance Space The ceiling is a low-res LED surface that acts as a flexible installation: pure white light for an exhibition, a real-time feed of the weather outside, as well as text and color animations that are part of the exhibition concept. This provides endless imaging possibilities.  For the Turku 2011 opening ceremony and other larger live concerts, the box can be opened up to 11 meters, turning itself into a great, vibrant floating stage that sends music up and down the river banks. The pavilion’s structure is based on traditional wooden ship construction, and the mechanical hinges and the hydraulic arm come from heavy duty container ships. When the top lowers, and the pavilion’s height returns to 4m, it becomes a boat, moving freely under bridges on its way to new locations.

LOCATION: Turku, Finland
CLIENT: Turku 2011
SIZE: 5,000 sq ft
SCOPE: Competition
STATUS: Honorable Mention
TEAM: Matthias Hollwich, Marc Kushner, Robert May, Koren Sin, Anu Leinonen
TAGS: Culture

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