onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects

park folly . fukuoka

onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects . photos: © onishimaki+hyakudayuki

We aimed to create a new landscape on the man-made island which is characterized with a horizontal plain.
A round piece of the ground layer is cut out with accordance to the site, and the mass of earth is pulled above the ground.
This work appears like a round floating mass of earth, but there are many hidden spaces of interest: a warm space
where sunshine falls upon, a quiet space with a fireplace for the family, another space is like a chimney top,
a cool shadowy space, a narrow dark area that leads to brightness, a cave like section that is adventurous and so forth.
There is the fun of peeping out and getting seen by people outside. This architectural work provides abundant,
surprising and spatial experiences that bring back the forgotten fun of childhood.

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