Studio UP

Spectator Group’s Headquarters Office Building . Zagreb

courtesy of Studio UP . Authors: Lea Pelivan + Toma Plejić / STUDIO UP + Ivana Franke + Silvio Vujičić . photos: Robert Leš

This project’s task was transforming an existing project (reconstruction of a building accidentally found on a lot) for the Spectator Group’s Headquarters. When the project began, a building site was opened and excavation and construction pit protection works commenced, what defined the project’s character from the start. The previously designed reinforced-concrete frame system was kept, while the modifications within the construction system are tied to the staircase’s cores. The idea/work methodology was to essentially keep the constructive element’s state of design while keeping the construction interventions to a minimum.

Program Task – to organize the Spectator Group’s members which were functioning in various City locations up to that point, all with equally good working conditions.
The Interior Organization Concept – the proposed model was the ‘working capsule’ model, inserted between the constructional frame. Taking the project’s limited spatial conditions into account (relatively small constructive height, shallow depth) the office space’s sides are highly reflective, thus the space is perceived as considerably larger. Groups of two to six employees are arranged within the working capsules. The suggested office space system is fluid, no partitions facing the communications premises, thus representing a new type of office space – between honey-comb cells and a completely open concept.
Spatial Organization – a completely automated garage with a capacity of 75 parking spots is set within two underground levels. The office building’s two entry lobbies, garage entrance and commercial showroom are situated at the ground level. Offices for the group’s members with accompanying contents – conference halls, waiting rooms, supporting spaces are organized on the first, second and third floors, respectively. Management premises are situated on the fourth floor, and this level also contains a double height entrance, a VIP lounge, a large conference hall along with a string of mini-offices for the Board’s Management. A tea pavilion for meetings is situated on the roof, while the entire roof is designed as a green garden.
Designing started in: 2008 – 2009
Completion in: 2009.
Location area: 860 m2
Total layout area: 5.300 m2
Lea Pelivan + Toma Plejić / STUDIO UP + Ivana Franke + Silvio Vujičić
Associates: Silvija Laković, Dujam Ivanišević, Antun Sevšek, Marina Zajec, Iva Denona Vusić, Mirko Majić, Vjekoslav Gašparović, Mateo Biluš
Photographs: Robert Leš

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