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Active Youth housing . Aarhus

Adept architects

The new building and neighbourhood, as a whole, have great potential due to its central location surrounded by a contrasted, changeable and diverse environment.

The new youth housings constitute high-quality counsel housing for students and other young inhabitants in Århus.
The intention with “Three Gardens” is to weave the youth housing into, and build upon, the harbour and the maritime environment’s colourful palette of functions, scales and people. This is carried out through a forward-looking focus on social communities, structural variation, diversity and sustainability.
The proposal emphasizes how the connection of the city and building creates a unique experience. With the location of the youth housings in the borderline territory of new and old, the building adapts to both the intimate scale and the maritime atmosphere of the marina. Simultaneously, the building creates, together with the additional youth housing on the plot, qualitative and well-defined outdoor areas in the “in-between” spaces.

Physically and visually the building weaves, through three large double-height openings connected by a large atrium, into the surrounding city. In this way the context can be experienced everywhere in the building from which the water, forest and the city are present and visible to residents and visitors.
The three gardens are established to pull the city into the building and the building into the city. Urban and structural spaces and experiences intertwine on several levels, from the neighborhood plaza to the roof. An upward spiraled stairway in the atrium connects the three gardens. Around the atrium and the gardens, the apartments are located and distributed in a simple, qualitative layout. In this way, apartments, gardens and the neighborhood plaza are connected visually and physically across levels and spheres in an open inviting house.

collaboration prisme arkitekter, hundsbæk og henriksen, brd. a. & b. andersen

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