Kyiv Islands Tactical Archipelago . KIEV


The master plan is articulated through small and tactical operations (clusters) that can be inserted through time and at specific zones.

The deployment of soft infrastructural parts is intended to recover forgotten and unfulfilled citizen's desires such as taking a bath in the river, walking in the forest, enjoying clean water and experience - directly- Ukrainian rural nature in the middle of an urban center such as Kiev´s river coast.
The best way to create a new relation with such long geography is through the creation of specialized action clusters that will allow the formation of a third zone - made out of the transference of water to the firm ground and vice-versa, supported by new activities, new landscape references, preservation of weak ecological areas, clean passive energy generation systems, and above all by bringing the citizens back to the river through new ways of participation and leisure.

North - South interventions are made to preserve islands, to configure a selective landscape production. Soft Urbanism, Clusters.
The micro units are displayed as the possibility to identify new potentials, to point out imaginative ways of relation among citizens and the landscape: Itinerant inflatable art for Energy production, garden barges, floating infrastructures that can attend, act and transform zones when is needed.
Island as new city centre
East - West interventions pretend to connect specific sites such as the extension of the Botanic Garden with the city. The new amphibious botanical garden transforms two unoccupaid islands into a new city centre.
These are mainly (1) P.A.B´s (Program Activity Bridges) that will allow the infrastructure to have different services beside just being a bridge, this include: Kinder gardens, Cultural centers. (2) Profit Urbanism that will allow new zones to be developed with housing. (3) Cultural and sport facilities infrastructures. (4) Re-Nature Devices, that will help purify water.

Shortlisted entry for the Kyiv Islands master plan and concept for the preservation of the islands.

Luis Callejas
Manon Mollard
Melissa Naranjo

Special thanks to
Camilo Restrepo
Lukas Pauer
Felipe Walter
Santiago Cadavid
Manuela Castillo
Julian Andres Salazar

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