Foaa . Norte

House For Sale . Calafquen

Foaa . Norte . Photos: © Felipe Ortiz . + archdaily

The house begins as an idea for a small venture of homes for sale.

No customer or site of entry, and bearing in mind the popular chilean saying that they have to be good (thermally), pretty and cheap. Dispatched to the scene in a container of 40 feet; be built with up to three people and possibly in remote locations, within two months and a half. It must be said, we are architects-builders.
We set out to do an envelope with minimal elements. The construction system based on the two measures of SIP panels which are on the market. The section of the house, is the panel of 1.22×2.44 m. (wall) + panel 1.22×4.88 m. (cover). In Autocad jargon we did “mirror”. In this figure the program is solved.

The exterior is covered entirely with asphalt membrane, solution monomaterial, like the construction system. The resulting space not habitable, in the meeting of the pitched roof (about 45 °) to the vertical wall is a gap of 1.22 m. all over the house: double height in public areas and in bedrooms cabins on 3 levels.
Finally we wanted to reverse the sometimes thorny process of assignment-executive project-construction. We do not expect the service call, or look for a site; we design the house before, hoping that they would arrive.

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