William Kentridge

Norton Lectures - Six Drawing Lessons

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The Norton Lecturer in 2012 is artist William Kentridge.
The Charles Eliot Norton Professorship in Poetry was endowed in 1925 by C.C. Stillman (Harvard 1898). Incumbents are in residence through their tenure of the Chair, and deliver at least six lectures. The term "poetry" is interpreted in the broadest sense, including all poetic expression in language, music, or fine arts. Previous holders of the Chair include Gilbert Murray (1926-27), T.S. Eliot (1932-33), Igor Stravinsky (1939-40), Paul Hindemith (1949-50), Ben Shahn (1956-57), Leonard Bernstein (1972-73), Frank Stella (1982-84), John Cage (1988-89), and Luciano Berio (1992-93).

Go to Lecture 1 . Drawing Lesson One . In Praise of Shadows
Go to Lecture 2 . Drawing Lesson Two . A Brief History of Colonial Revolts
Go to Lecture 3 . Drawing Lesson Three .Vertical Thinking: A Johannesburg Biography
Go to Lecture 4 . Drawing Lesson Four . Practical Epistemology: Life in the Studio
Go to Lecture 5 . Drawing Lesson Five . In Praise of Mistranslation
Go to Lecture 6 . Drawing Lesson Six . Anti-Entropy
Go to Q&A with William Kentridge

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