Aires Mateus . Frederico Valsassina

Residential Building . Alcântara

Aires Mateus . Frederico Valsassina . photos: © João Morgado

A typological multiplicity was pursued.

The concept comes from the historical centres, that in its infinite variations allow distinct lodgings, lifestyles and different identities, variable, evolutionable by those who occupy them. Unity is created by the concept of living and not by modular repetition.
The materials that define the spaces are classic: stone, wood, and concrete. They react to time in a serene and known progression. They define an environment of certainty and comfortable predictability.
The location of the building offers a unique condition: the light, the river, and above all the dialogue between them. That continuously changing scenery is elected as the inspiring protagonist for the way of living. Large glazed surfaces assure and propose its contemplation.

The building is anchored to the site with slate, secure and heavy. Above, between concrete slabs, diaphanous and delicate levels are displayed. The framing of the river is achieved through wooden framing, establishing the limit between interior and exterior. The living quarters and the balconies are presented as extensions from each other and outline a space that is only separated when needed.
It is from this shelter of air between slabs that the glimmer of the river is apprehended.

Project information: Residential Building in Alcântara
Architects: Manuel Aires Mateus / Francisco Aires Mateus
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Project year: 2008-­‐2010

Project Leader: Patrícia Marques
Collaborators: Valentino Capelo Sousa, Mariana Barbosa Mateus, André Passos, Bruno Anes, Ana Neves, Pedro Martinho
Client: Pinto Basto -­‐ Investimentos Imobiliários, Lda
Engineer: Betar – Estudos e Projectos de Estabilidade, Lda / Grade Ribeiro – Estudos, Projectos e Consultadoria, Lda / Joule – Projectos, Estudos e Coordenaçao, Lda / José Galvão Teles -­‐ Engenheiros, Lda / Certiprojecto, Lda
Landscaper: FC, Arquitectura Paisagista Constructor: FDO Construções, SA
Photographs: João Morgado

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