147 Berger Röcker Architekten

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Haus Werner . Zollernalbkreis

Berger Röcker Architekten . photos: © Brigida Gonzalez

An archaic ‘living cave’

The building is located on the outskirts of Haigerloch in Zollernalbkreis overlooking Hohenzollern Castle. The location is bordered by the adjacent own yard in the north and agricultural fields south. The house was accordingly designed as a bungalow which is the angle from yard and the open landscape turns out well. As a highly visible element of the polygonal towers above the fireplace running single-storey building. From the beginning, the wall surfaces should be carried out internally and externally in Sichbeton. With the simultaneous desire for cost minimization is offered as a single-run structure. Them accordingly, the outer walls were made into 50 inches solid construction from lightweight concrete Liapor LC 8/9.

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